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1.          Clarity English- Study Skills Success:

¡iStudy Skills Success¡jEnglish Skill Training

Level¡Gstudents in upper secondary and higher education who wish to improve their academic study skills

The eight units of Study Skills Success are: reading, writing, speaking, listening, research, visuals, grammar and vocabulary. Each unit includes presentation and practice activities as well as extension work on the integrated website.


2.          Clarity English- Tense Buster

¡iTense Buster¡jEnglish Grammatical Tense Training

Level¡GElementary¡BLower Intermediate¡BIntermediate¡BUpper Intermediate¡BAdvanced

Tense Buster helps students improve their understanding of 29 key grammar areas from Some/any at Elementary level to Phrasal verbs at Advanced level. Each unit begins with a presentation based on a dialogue, newspaper article or radio broadcast. Next come concept checking questions, and a grammar rule. Students move on to practice and testing activities in which the language is contextualised and key aspects of form and function are highlighted.


3. Clarity English- Reactions

¡iReactions!¡jEnglish Reading Skill Training

Level¡GElementary¡BLower Intermediate¡BIntermediate¡BUpper Intermediate¡BAdvanced

Reactions! is an integrated skills course with a focus on reading. The program helps students develop a range of reading and vocabulary strategies. These include prediction, identifying your reason for reading, skimming, scanning, dictionary work, guessing or ignoring unknown words and developing the reading habit.



4. Clarity English- Roads to IELTS

¡iRead to IELTS¡jEnglish Proficiency Training

Level¡GIntermediate - Advanced level

It provides comprehensive preparation and practice in every aspect of each of the four Modules of the IELTS exam. In the Speaking section, videos of candidates take the learner through each stage of the test. The Listening section includes timed academic and social listening activities. Reading activities are based on an impressive array of authentic texts.



5. Clarity English- Core Skills for Business Writing: Business Writing Training

Level¡GIntermediate - Advanced level

Clarity's Business Writing is aimed at all Intermediate - Advanced level learners who need to write business letters, emails and reports. Activities are organized around authentic business texts and the program links into a website which features a library of model writing.


6.          Clarity English- Author Plus Pro: An easy-to-use multimedia authoring program.

Level¡GIntermediate - Advanced level

With Author Plus you can publish professional online activities direct to your students. And it's not difficult: if you can use a word processor, you can learn to use Author Plus in ten minutes. The program includes twelve activity types including drag and drop, dropdown, quiz, dragon, stopgap, analyze, countdown, presentation, target spotting, and proofreading, where learners reconstruct a text.